Where to buy Nvidia RTX 4060: looking for the best midrange graphics card around? We’ve got you covered


One hour until sale time, folks. Bear in mind that while those links up top are live and will take you to the relevant retailer sites, you’ll currently be met with a bevy of RTX 4060 Ti cards instead of the one actually going on sale today. It’s getting close, though…

The RTX 4060 is a solid choice of affordable GPU right now, after months of Nvidia releasing good but overpriced graphics cards. In our RTX 4060 review, we praised its sub-$300 pricing and best-in-class 1080p gaming performance – though it’s worth noting that if you’re already rocking an RTX 3060 or better, this probably isn’t a worthy upgrade.

For users on older (or less powerful) hardware, though, this could be the best GPU of the year. DLSS 3 support means that compatible games get a huge performance boost thanks to new frame-generation tech, and gaming at 1440p is also a definite option here.

Christian Guyton here, UK Computing Editor – are we ready to grab ourselves some GPUs? It’s launch day, but don’t get excited just yet – the RTX 4060 isn’t actually on sale at the moment. The expected launch time is 6am PST / 9am EST / 2pm GMT, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on things for the next couple of hours to see if any retailers jump the gun!

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