The Password Game is a brilliant mess, but it lost me at moon emojis

The Password Game is the most recent absurd video game to sweep the internet at the moment. 

This free brainteaser has a relatively simple premise at first. Once you access The Password Game you’re tasked with creating a password, with all the trappings included. This means players will have to add numbers, use a special character, and include the current moon cycle as an emoji, obviously. 

However, this simple premise quickly takes a sharp turn unleashing a bevy of strange and complex questions and riddles that sees the players run down unexpected avenues. Soon you’ll find yourself in GeoGuesser, playing chess, or even having to add up to 25.

The Password Game

(Image credit: Neal Agarwal)

The Password Game is a brilliant way to kill time if you find yourself backed into a metaphorical corner, as it allows players to go down any number of strange rabbit holes that the internet is known for. You’ll have to get good at googling fast as players are forced to become search engine detectives as you create an infinitely complex password. 

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