Take your webcam capture up a notch with the OBSBOT Tiny 2

In recent years technology was rapidly hurtling toward a future where more and more of our lives are lived online, and this was further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, remote work and virtual schooling became the norm and the need for webcams exploded. Webcam technology has been quite limited with people often settling for low quality or grainy graphics and poor resolution and a lower price point. With the rise of remote work and schooling and the increasing popularity of live streaming, however, there has been a push in the market for better quality webcams.

Use Gesture Controls 2.0 powered by the magic of AI

In 2020, OBSBOT released the OBSBOT Tiny webcam, a first-of-its-kind AI-powered PTZ webcam product that propelled OBSBOT to the forefront of the smart camera market. Now 3 years later OBSBOT has expanded the Tiny series with the all new Tiny 2. The OBSBOT Tiny 2 utilizes an enhanced, self-developed and patented Deep Neural Learning Network algorithm.

This brand new and enhanced network algorithm improves how the Tiny 2 utilizes gesture support and auto tracking capabilities, allowing the user to control the camera using simple hand gestures. Holding your hand in the shape of an “L”, for example, instructs the camera to automatically zoom in and out. The OBSBOT Tiny 2 sits atop a 2-axis gimbal which, when partnered with Deep Learning Neural Network Algorithm, allows the camera to fluently track the subject and keep the person in focus throughout the duration of the video. This is an excellent tool for virtual instructors who often need to move around the room while giving instructions and lectures.


(Image credit: OBSBOT )

Be your own hands free camera operator with Voice Controls

The Tiny 2’s small stature and crystal clear 4K resolution makes it an excellent option for content creators who may want to improve their camera quality without being limited to sitting at a desk. For those who are moving around their recording area but may not have their hands free for gestures, the Tiny 2 can also respond to voice control. Simple commands like “Hi, Tiny” or “Sleep, Tiny” can awaken the Tiny 2 camera or put it back into its privacy protecting sleep mode while pre-set options can allow you to switch between dedicated camera options. Zooming and tracking can also be controlled via voice.


(Image credit: OBSBOT )

AI-powered auto zoom and auto focus that is fast and accurate

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