New Disney Plus movies: the best new films to watch (July 2023)

New Disney Plus movies: July 6, 2023 update

Tom Power, entertainment reporter

In our latest update, we’ve removed Peter Pan & Wendy from our new Disney Plus movies guide as we don’t consider it to be a new release anymore. Crater has also departed after it was unceremoniously removed from Disney Plus.

New Disney Plus movies regularly make their way onto The Walt Disney Company’s main streaming platform. To help you keep on top of which films have recently joined, or are set to join, the platform’s back catalog, we thought we’d compile a list of every new film that’s landed on Disney Plus since the start of May.

Well, the ones that haven’t been unceremoniously dumped by one of the world’s best streaming services, anyway. That’s because Crater, an original Disney Plus movie that only launched on May 12, has already been cut from its film library. In short: Crater now has an embarrassing Disney Plus record it doesn’t want.

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