Meta is making it easier to manage your kids’ Instagram and Messenger addictions

Meta is kicking off a sizable security update as the tech giant begins rolling out new parental tools to Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram.

The goal here is to give parents and legal guardians a lot more control over how their teenage children interact with these apps. Messenger’s tools will be housed in the new Parental Supervision hub where users can learn “how much time their teen spends on” the platform, receive notifications whenever someone new is added to the contacts list, as well as dictate who can message them. Parents can restrict incoming messages to “only their [child’s] friends, friends of friends, or no one”. Parents will also be able to control “who can see their [kid’s] stories” and get told whenever someone is reported on the account. Teenagers can change some of the security settings themselves, but if they do that, their guardians will get a notification informing them of any adjustments.

This first batch is currently “available in the US, UK, and Canada… with plans to [roll out] to more countries around the world in the coming months.” Later on, Meta will upgrade Messenger a second time by adding time management tools to Parental Supervision.

Messenger parental controls

(Image credit: Meta)

Increased transparency

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