Lies of P release date, platforms, story, and everything we know

Lies of P will have you delving into a city plagued by chaos upon its launch in September. This twisted interpretation of Pinocchio will have you fighting your way through Krat while unearthing the grim reality of the tale we all know and love, challenging you all the while depicting hidden symbols and secrets around you to make sense of the fragile world.

Following its initial announcement in 2021, Lies of P has been a pretty anticipated upcoming game due to its haunting atmosphere and soulslike appearance, and now, with a release date rapidly approaching, we are slowly seeing more of what exactly the title is offering, and there’s a lot to look forward to. Here’s everything we know about Lies of P.

Lies of P: Cut to the chase 

The back of Pinocchio in front of Hotel Krat in Lies of P

(Image credit: Neowiz Games)

What is it? An upcoming soulslike game following the life of Pinocchio within the plagued city of Krat
When can I play it? September 19, 2023
What can I play it on? PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC 
Who is making it? Round8 Studio and Neowiz Games

Lies of P release date and platforms

An enemy holding Pinocchio in Lies of P

(Image credit: Neowiz Games)

The current Lies of P release date is September 19, 2023, so a little over three years following its initial announcement from Neowiz in 2021. Despite the upcoming release date, we’ve only just received a deeper look at everything the dark title has to offer, including more information on what makes its combat and setting so charming despite its melancholic underlying themes. 

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