How the HONOR 90 can help you beat the bedtime blues

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s late and you still can’t sleep, the culprit might be right next to you, or right in front of you: your phone could be messing with your mind. And we don’t mean that in a spooky way. We mean it in a science way.

It turns out that many phones, tablets and other digital devices can interfere with our natural rhythms, keeping us awake just when we really need to get to sleep and making our eyes uncomfortable too. That late-night Netflix binge or video chat with your best friend may have some unintended effects, and those effects can last long after you’ve closed the call or exited the app. 

That’s why HONOR has added eye comfort features to the brand new HONOR 90 to help you sleep better and see better too.

HONOR 90 Silver

(Image credit: HONOR)

Is your phone giving you the blues?

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