Apple TV Plus pulls a Netflix-style move by canceling one of its acclaimed TV shows in record time

High Desert, one of Apple TV Plus’ new comedy series, has been canceled after one season.

The Patricia Arquette-starring show only made its debut on one of the world’s best streaming services on May 17. However, just six weeks after it joined Apple TV Plus‘ back catalog, High Desert has been left, well, high and dry by the company’s streaming division.

Like many other big-name streamers, Apple TV Plus doesn’t officially announce when it pulls the plug on one of its shows. It was left to Arquette, then, to relay the disappointing news to High Desert’s fans on Instagram (as first reported by Deadline).

Denny and Peggy stare directly into the camera from a low angle in High Desert

High Desert won’t be back for a second season. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Billed as a comedy-drama, High Desert tells the tale of Peggy Newman (Arquette), an addict who, following the death of her mother, makes the life-changing decision to become a private investigator.

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