Apple Car: everything we know so far

Apple logo on the side of a building

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– Likely to be a fully fledged road vehicle, as opposed to hardware or software sold to third-party carmakers
– Apple was committed to implementing full self-driving technology, but has since scaled down those ambitions to meet 2026 release schedule
– Plans to launch for under $100k
– Apple has tried and failed to partner with several major automakers, and now plans to shoulder the entire production process

Apple’s tentatively-named Apple Car project has been the subject of more rumors than the Loch Ness Monster in recent years, and even as we move into 2023, concrete details surrounding the company’s vehicular vision are few and far between. 

Reports of trade deals, industry partnerships and vehicle specs have swirled ever since mutterings of an Apple-produced car began several years ago, and the tech company – known for its penchant for keeping plans under wraps – has often been quick to dispel false information as quickly as it gains traction. 

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