A modder finally gets Bloodborne running at 60 FPS on PS5 – and it’s awesome

A notable modder has released footage of Bloodborne running at 60fps on PS5 with no downsampling of any kind. It’s a new development for the long-running project to get FromSoftware’s opus running optimally on modern hardware. 

Bloodborne is one of the best PS4 games, and technically available to play on the PS5, however, with no improvement to framerate, as the base game remains stuck at an inconsistent 30fps. One prolific modder named Lance McDonald has been on a crusade to change that, though. For over three years, he has made it his mission to double the framerate of the massively popular action-adventure title to bring it in line with the likes of Elden Ring and Dark Souls: Remastered before it. 

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