A Google Pixel Fold’s screen broke already. Should you be concerned?

While the Pixel Fold remains on pre-order (for most people, at least) the first batch of reviews paint Google’s debut foldable in a pretty positive light. Even so, a fundamental part of the its design does raise questions around its longevity, after one reviewer found out the hard way.

In our Google Pixel Fold review, we commended the company’s first folding phone for a number of reasons, chief among them being its durability. A sturdy polished aluminum frame, Gorilla Glass Victus, IPX8-certified water resistance and a firm-yet-smooth hinge action all speak to the phone’s premium build and resilience. Reviewer and TechRadar’s US editor in chief, Lance Ulanoff explicitly said, “[I] came away with the distinct impression of long-term durability,” in his analysis of the device.

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